Summer Essentials


I’m participating in my first link-up via Meg (I’m interning for her, btw!) and Victoria of The B Bar. This month’s theme is all about summer essentials. I’m super excited about this post especially since it’s only been a few days since I launched my blog. I think link-ups are a genius way to get your blog out there and to meet other great bloggers.


This may seem like a post simply about all of my favorite things this summer, but I wanted to dig a little deeper and explore what each object means. For me, summer time has always represented growth + change. In addition to moving homes, cities, even countries, I’ve always taken this time to become better. Some years it would be consist of a shopping spree full of trendy clothes I’d never wear again, others would involve sitting out under the hot Arizona sun for too long, in an attempt to become tanner (the worst possible thing I could’ve done for my skin). This summer, I want to continue to focus on personal growth, but this time with less emphasis on simply looking better. I’d rather feel good from the inside out!

So without further ado, here are my essentials:

1. Books (currently reading: wild by cheryl strayed & a work in progress by connor franta) | As a kid, I was obsessed with books. I’d stay up way past my bed time and read through the Magic Tree House, Encyclopedia Brown, and Junie B. Jones (my first-grade role model!). But now, with schoolwork and internships and a whole bunch of other things I have on my to-do list, I’ve found it much harder to find time to sit down with a good book, especially when I could just turn on the TV. This summer, I’d like to read more books not only to explore other worlds, but also to improve my writing skills + vocabulary. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

2. Candle | This represents centering myself. I get easily stressed out and anxious when I find myself in tough situations. Sometimes I turn into an absolute psycho who can’t control her emotions in the slightest (TMI: especially during the time of the month). I’d like to try meditation this summer as a way to calm down and center myself when I’m feeling a little crazy. I’ve read about the incredible benefits of meditating from tons of sources, so fingers crossed that it works for me.

3. Plant | Considering I’m living in the city, it can often be hard to surround myself in nature. I visited Rock Creek Park in Maryland with my boyfriend a couple weeks ago and my, it was majestic. It felt amazing to escape from all the traffic and concrete to experience something entirely different. I’d love to have a few more hiking trips + days at the beach this summer to get away from the noise.

4. iPad | My eyes are glued to some type of screen at least two thirds of the day (basically the entire time I’m awake), which I know can’t be good for both my eyes and my sanity. This also prevents me from being fully engaged in whatever I’m doing that’s not related to technology, whether it’s spending time with my boyfriend or talking to a friend. It’d be good for me to take a couple days tech-detox to take a break from all my devices.

5. Water | I need to replenish all the water I’m losing due to the heat by keeping myself hydrated throughout the day. It’s something I always forget to do, but I know I’ll feel much healthier and more energized by doing so.

6. Outfit | I want to start dressing for myself and my personal style, instead of jumping from trend to trend each season or looking to other people for style inspiration.

7. Sunglasses | Along those lines, summer means less cover-up and more show-yourself. Yes, sunglasses are obviously a summer must, but it also represents hiding yourself. I want to use the next few months to become more comfortable being a completely undecorated version of me.

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Can’t wait to read everyone else’s posts! Thanks to Meg and Victoria for sharing this link-up.

What does summer represent to you? What are some of your goals this summer?